Quiet corner room and walkway at the Brentwood Hotel.


Welcome to the Brentwood Hotel.

With immediate access to Saratoga's surrounding nature and nightlife, the good times start as soon as you roll in.

We'll set you up with everything you need before you even start packing your bags.

The week of your stay, you’ll receive a notification letting you know it’s time to check in. Upon arrival, just punch in your key code and enjoy! That means, even if we’re not around, you’re ready to hit the town from the moment you arrive.

Close up of a Brentwood x Linus bicycle.
Overlooking Hudson River from a look out in Moreau Lake State Park.

Pick your pleasure and build an idyllic experience all your own. Stay in and get cozy with a bottle of wine, or hit the town with your list full of sights and activities.

With easy online booking and a simplified, pre-arrival self check in, you can enjoy the drive, take the scenic route, and check out that extra stop along the way.

A horse and training jockey walk past the Brentwood patio on a summer morning.

We’re only ever a text away for whatever you might need, so get a lay of the land, settle in, and enjoy!

Tall grass in late fall on the grounds of the Brentwood.

Let time pass by slow.

Grab your coffee and a book, kick back on the patio and decide if you're ready to explore Saratoga, or maybe just crawl back into bed.

The best way to get around.

Take a lunchtime ride downtown, cruise Saratoga’s historic neighborhoods, or get lost in exploring Spa State Park. Our Brentwood x Linus bikes are the best way to soak it all in.

Please note: 
Bikes are available for Brentwood guests seasonally, first come, first served.

Close up of a Brentwood x Linus bicycle.
Main interior of the Brentwood Bar.


Belly up to Saratoga's best trackside bar.

Experience exceptional drinks in a truly unique setting. Choose from our carefully curated menu of bespoke cocktails, featuring some old favorites alongside a few exciting new surprises.


Bar Hours


3pm -9pm
3pm - 11pm
3pm - 11pm

Service at the Brentwood Bar

To provide for the safety of our guests during the COVID pandemic, we ask that all patrons show proof of vaccination upon entry. Specialty drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails will be available for consumption inside and on our patio, around the fire.

A couple roasting marshmallows over the fire on the patio at the Brentwood.
A classic Manhattan on the bar at the Brentwood.